Z-FLEX - Ruins to Roses Drop Through Longboard

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For the speed junkies out there the 40.5" Ruins to Roses dropthrough is your best choice. With a lower centre of gravity and wide wheelbase, this board will handle anything from fast downhill to mellow sidewalk cruising.

  • 7 Layers 
  • Z-Flex 45° 180MM Reverse Z-Flex 45° 180MM Reverse Powder-coated Trucks 
  • 69mm 83A Z-Flex Longboard Wheels
  • Clear Spray Grip 

The Ruins to Roses Series tells the narrative about the fall, and rise, of the P.O.P (Pacific Ocean Pier) of Venice Beach otherwise known as the Birthplace of the Z-Boys. The burnt down pier was a graveyard of broken dreams and family memories that led to a new world of youth uprising with an apocalyptic desire to skate and surf harder than anyone else.

The Ruins to Roses Series uses black oak exotic veneers that are contrasted with the gold print and gold components.