Adrian (Ado) - Founder

The shop was founded in 1999 by Adrian (commonly known as Ado), an old fart who has been skateboarding since 1969 and is still actively skating. Ado has been involved in all types of skateboarding, from street, downhill to slalom, and is still hitting the hills on his luge.

He is very well known in the Australian skating community, for good reason (most probably because of his questionable sense of humour) and has done a tremendous amount for the local skating scene. Ado is an absolute legend of a human and we are forever grateful to him.

Ado officially retired in October 2023.

Nick & Femke - Owners

Nick and Femke are the new owners of Cre8ive Sk8 since October 2023.

Nick could already be found in the shop since 2020, learning from the old and wise Ado, and is now the main forefront man. Nick was an avid skateboarder growing up in the small country town Grafton, NSW. He even got his first job by putting his skateboard through a shop front window on a failed trick, and offered to pay for it by working there. Nick was also part of the skating crew who pushed to get the first skatepark built in Grafton.

Femke has a bit of a different backstory (Veterinary Sciences) with much less skating experience. However, she is definitely the brain behind the business. On a roll behind the computer keeping track of all the paperwork, looking after this website and online sales, and often helping in the shop. She can occasionally be found riding her longboard together with their 4 kids.