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We have many more products in store
Website still under construction
Website still under construction
New/old products are added daily
We have many more products in store
Website still under construction

About us

We are locally owned and operated since 1999, making us one of the oldest independently owned skateshops in Australia.

We have the largest selection in North Queensland and pride ourselves in our customer service. Come in and browse our selection and if we don't have what you are looking for, chances are we can get it for you quickly.

Skateboards, Longboards & Cruisers

We love everything skateboarding - our key business - and specialise in everything from skateboards to longboards to custom decks and all in-between. We believe that through honest and correct advice we can introduce new skaters to the sport and keep existing skaters skating.

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We have been selling, servicing and repairing scooters since they first appeared on the Australian market in 2000. As you can imagine we've learned a bit over this time and acquired some specialist tools and parts for working on them.

If you want your scooter treated with care and respect; come in and see us, you won't be disappointed.

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Inline & Quad Skates

Cre8ive Sk8 stocks a variety of inline and roller (quad) skates in sizes to fit leprechauns to Yetis. We also stock a wide range of wheels, bearings and other hardware to compliment aggressive skating to figure skating.

Cre8ive Sk8 is a proud sponsor of the Towns Villains Roller Derby.

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Graffiti and 'Street Art'

The Townsville graffiti scene has come into its own over the last few years, with Townsville's talented group of artists pushing the boundaries of what is known as graffiti.
The artists have started to take their work to the public in gallery settings whilst still maintaining a contact with their different origins.

Cre8ive Sk8 stocks a large range of Ironlak and other street art brands.

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E-Scooters & E-Skateboards

We have been stocking electric scooters (and skateboards) for many years. We have a large selection of E-scooters to suit everyone's needs.

We are careful that the brands we stock have a good backup with technical service and spare parts. We do warranty repairs of most of the scooters we sell in house and rarely need to send anything away for assessment. This means that if you happen to have an issue with any of our products, we will have you back rolling as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves on trying to ensure you have the best experience possible when you buy from us.

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Repairs & Service

When you buy any skates, board or trick scooter from us, we are happy to service them for free in store.

We offer repairs and services of E-Scooters as well. We do the warranty repairs of most of the E-scooters we sell, and can do most of the non-warranty repairs as well. We can equally repair a large range of issues on other E-Scooters brands, ranging from flat tyres to more complex issues.

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