Loaded Longboard Deck - Vanguard 38" Flex 4

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The Loaded Vanguard Flex 4 Longboard Deck is a classic Loaded staple with mega flex characteristics for carving, free style and cruising. The symmetrical shape offers you a balanced centre of gravity to give your better control of your weight through turns and to generate predicable energy from carve to carve. The Vanguard is designed for low speed riding and is perfect for commuting and carving your way along footpaths and bike lanes. The camber in this board gives you a very responsive flex that will help you generate energy with every carve. A super fun board for any skill level, from complete beginner to absolute speed demon!


  • Bamboo Fiberglass construction
  • Symmetrical
  • Camber
  • Clear Spray Grip
  • Graphic - by Pablo and Diana of Nana Studio


Flex 1 (42"/107cm): 175-230+lbs / 80-105+kg 
Flex 2 (42"/107cm): 150-210+lbs / 68-95+kg
Flex 3 (38"/98cm): 150-200+lbs / 68-90+kg
Flex 4 (38"/98cm): 120-170+lbs / 55-77+kg
Flex 5 (38"/98cm): 80-140+lbs / 35-65+kg