Watercolour Pencil Sets

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Series: Series 1

Be in Control, or Flow Loose Like a River.

Achieve stunning effects with Ironlak’s Watercolour Pencils. Available in 48 stunning colours, these pencils are perfectly suited for achieving dynamic washes and blends within your artwork. Use as is for defined linework, or brush with water to create vivid visual effects, the choice is yours. Each Ironlak Watercolour Pencil is loaded with a pigment-rich, break resistant lead that’s housed in environmentally sustainable timber – perfect for packing with you wherever you go.


  • Water soluble
  • Vibrant artist quality pigments
  • Non-toxic
  • Break resistant

Water Soluble – Just add water.

With Ironlak’s Watercolour Pencils, it’s easy to believe that you get two artistic tools in one. Use them just like a regular pencil to create dynamic drawings, or take things to the next level by applying water with a brush . The pigment used in our Watercolour Pencils is entirely water soluble, and can be blended, layered, and thinned once wet. To achieve dramatic textural effects, or create colours that are totally unique to your work – simply add water. Every set of 24 pencils comes with a watercolour brush included.

Vibrant Artist Quality Pigments – Smooth as silk.

The ‘lead’ in Ironlak’s Watercolour Pencil range is formed using a proprietary mixture of milled pigment and resin. The result is a fine paste that’s kiln tempered to form the core of our range, creating a smooth and rich drawing experience. When in use, vary your pressure to create changes in tone and colour where needed. With 48 vibrant colours to choose from the right tool is guaranteed to be at home – no matter whether you’re trying to achieve bright, bold colour fields, or soft gradients. Ironlak Watercolour Pencils are lightfast, but for best results treat finished works with Ironlak Fixative or Clear Varnish.

Break Resistant Stay strong.

The kiln firing process utilised in the production of Ironlak’s Watercolour Pencils ensures that they’re of the highest quality. That means that your workflow won’t be constantly interrupted by the need to resharpen broken leads. Keep a set of Watercolour Pencils in your bag and take them wherever you go, safe in the knowledge that the break-resistant leads are built to last. For optimal results, sharpen prior to use and keep a sanding block at hand to touch up worn out sides.

Non-toxic – Create sustainably.

Our Watercolour Pencils are completely non-toxic, so there’s no need to keep them stashed away from the inquisitive hands of young ones. Additionally, the body of each pencil is formed from Californian Cedar that’s sourced responsibly in compliance with FSC certification standards. Environmentally sustainable practice is a priority for us, so you (and your children) can keep making art for decades to come.