Crazy Skates - Trolls Barb Size Adjustable Roller Skates

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Color: Black
Size: Medium (3-6)

Get ready for a magical adventure with the Trolls World Tour Roller Skates by Crazy Skates! These skates are a blend of pure fun and top-notch quality, featuring the one and only Poppy, the queen of optimism, enthusiasm, and spreading happiness. Let Poppy's enchanting spirit lift you up and keep you grooving as you embark on your skating journey.

Prepare to be dazzled by the unique design of these skates. They boast real Troll hair on the skate tongue, a removable multi-colored skate Pom Pom, and custom boot decals. The strong yet flexible hard boot provides the perfect balance of support and comfort, accompanied by a soft padded liner that keeps your feet cozy throughout your skating adventures.

But the magic doesn't stop there! Brace yourself for a mesmerizing light show as the multi-colored LED wheels come to life. With each glide, your movements generate electricity that powers the flashing lights in the wheels. The faster you skate, the more vibrant the lights become. No batteries or charging required - just skate and let the enchanting lights add a touch of magic to your journey!

These skates are equipped with top-quality Urethane wheels, ensuring a smooth roll with excellent grip. Whether you're skating at your local rink, cruising around the house, or hitting the park or basketball courts, these wheels will provide a superior skating experience. Say goodbye to cheap plastic wheels found on lower-priced skates - these Urethane wheels are the real deal!

Crazy Skates has teamed up with Dreamworks to bring you the most exciting skates on wheels. The official Trolls World Tour Roller Skates are the epitome of excitement and adventure, ready to unleash a world of fun with every glide.

Not only do these skates offer unbeatable features, but they're also adjustable to fit growing feet. With their patented internal size adjustment, you get the convenience of four sizes in one skate. No more worrying about outgrowing your skates - simply make micro adjustments for that perfect fit. It's a skate that grows with you!

  • Trolls Theme
  • 4 Size Adjustable
  • ABEC-5 Chrome Full Precision Bearings
  • Supportive Boot
  • LED Light-Up Urethane Indoor Outdoor Wheels