2015 Tech Inspection
1pm - 6pm Friday the 5th June.

2015 is the seventh gathering of gravity riders at Townsville's Mt Stuart, with the BTB crew hosting another Beat The Bastard Charity Free Ride.

For riders whom have attended BTB previously, Tech Inspection and the expected/accepted standard of riders equipment is old hat, however, for the new riders I'd like to go over the main points of what we look for at Tech, with safety being our primary objective, so that riders can fully enjoy what Mt Stuart can offer.

The Universal Code and the IGSA Rulebook are the two rulebooks that BTB is based upon.

Full Face helmets only, no half shells. Visor's will be of such a standard that vision is not impaired in any way by grime and/or scratches. Easy snapon/detachable chin pieces are not acceptable. Helmets with bolt on chin attachments will be accepted, if in good condition. Helmets will be in good condition, with no grazing showing the underlaying construction material of the respective helmet, "onion rings"(compression damage). Helmets with a heavy covering of stickers will be "destickered" to allow full visual inspection of the helmets condition. Chin straps will be pull tested to show full range of ability. Clasps which easily pull apart, or straps which are frayed or damaged will be rejected at Tech. Longtail design helmets, accepted by the community as a longtail design, will not pass Tech, regardless of condition. Helmets will be "pushed" on each side to show flex and helmet wall integrity. If the helmet is not of a good standard, whereby the helmet walls flex under little pressure, the helmet will not pass Tech. To further explain this process, if the side walls of your helmet can flex more than 10mm inwards, *5mm each side* the helmet will be rejected, regardless of condition. In addition to this "flex test", the internal foam will also be checked, to make sure there is sufficient foam to allow ample protection. If the internal foam is worn, and allows movement when the helmet is being worn, the helmet will be rejected. A firm fitting helmet is required. Basically guys, if you have a concern regarding your helmet, on any of the above points, don't bring it and source another helmet to buy or borrow. Further to that, talk to the guys who've been to BTB in previous years, and they can let you know the standard accepted/expected.Leathers: Leathers will be in good, structural condition. All holes, regardless of size, will need to be repaired. All zippers will need to be fully functional. Two piece leathers will need to be zippered at the waist, approximately 70% of the distance around the waist. Last year we had a bag full of leather, with glue, etc, at Tech, which was beneficial for alot of riders. This will be supplied again this year, however, please don't bring leathers which need major repair's as this diminishes the amount of repair material for everyone else. Any repair which requires leather larger than a 6inch patch, do before you come.

Full leather gloves, with no holes exposing bare skin. Any gloves which have more than 50% covered by tape will not be accepted. Some gloves have synthetic materials used as stretch panels, which is acceptable, IF the leather covers the palm of the hand and fingers, and the knuckle area. The knuckle area may be of hard plastic or carbon/Kevlar.

All shoes will be in good condition, with no holes on any part of the shoe. Various shoe clasps will be accepted, as long as the shoe is done up re the manufacturer's design, and are strong enough to with stand a pull test if necessary.
Lugers and Classic lugers, make sure the rubber on your shoes is of good thickness, and bring more rubber, you'll probably need it.
New skaters, talk to riders who have come to previous BTB events regarding rubber for foot braking, etc.
**This isn't a slide fest, it is a DH hill, however new riders will need time to dial in the hill, and go from foot braking to speed check slides**

Discipline Vehicles
All vehicles, regardless of discipline, will need to be in good condition and provide no potential danger to the rider or other riders on the hill. Check all bolts, construction material, welds, joins, etc, making sure all aspect of your vehicle are of a good standard. If any issues at Tech arise, the rider will be given the opportunity to rectify and go through Tech again, as all aspects of the above Tech standard/requirements will need to pass Tech before going on Mt Stuart.

If you don't have a BTB Tech 2015 sticker on your equipment, that equipment will not be allowed on the hill.

For any other queries, please contact me via the BTB Facebook Page page, or Sakamoto (Andrew Smith) on FB.
Look forward to seeing you all on the hill.

Would you like to be a sponsor in 2015?
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