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Shred Regular Fit Kevlar Jean

The Jean that gives you enough room to do everything but still looks the goods. Regular fit, Black or Blue Denim The only kevlar jeans on the market made for skateboarding. Super soft, full stretch kelvar made to shred
Sale Price: $ 160.00
Currently in stock: 8
Manufacturer: Shred

Born From Necessity Shred was born out of necessity to provide an Australian first world wide in jeans. After conquering the motorcycle industry with the fastest growing motorcycle Kevlar jean in the world, Shred was created to explore a market for protective, functional and stylish clothing. Clothing for the action sports market � worldwide. Our new range has been designed and developed by our team in Australia. With amazing styles, great quality fabric and superb finishes you would never know that our jeans have hidden protection. Shred is here to change the way we look at protecting ourselves. Why not ride in your favourite pair of jeans and be protected by fabric kevlar � a product designed and used by the armed forces world-wide. Keep the look you want and push yourself further knowing that you have extra protection in the impact zones.